1) Views on football: old text, all accommodated, first person, not too bad but not overly good either. Urgently to revise. 19 pages. Actually, everything that is critical has been addressed.
2) Barca-Chelsea : Report from the semi-finals in the Champions League between Barca and Chelsea in 2009. View of the betting market and view of a keenly objective reporter who earns his money with betting. Partly very special points of view, especially as far as the performance is concerned, but also in relation to the media assessment. Unfortunately still in the first person. Also needs to be revised. 6 pages.
3) Football brainstorming: key points, but the most important ones have already been noted. Also included is the betting market and the predictability of football, in addition to rules/reporting etc. as usual.
4) Germany at major tournaments: told from memory, from the 66 and 70 World Cups. I form. Not outstanding. Also, today’s recollection does not quite correspond to the one written down. Also too positive myself. 9 pages.
5) DFBPokFrankfBayern: not bad at all. A little (too?) ironic, a little (too?) malicious towards the commenters. But overall ok.

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