There is, of course, an infinite amount to be told about football. From all possible perspectives. And everything could be absolutely exciting, interesting, entertaining, worth reading. The little catch: according to the general opinion, not only everything has been said long ago, no, each individual would already have his “very personal and special view” and on top of that there are recognized competencies and capacities which represent YOUR point of view with absolute conviction and which you could cut yourself out and silence yourself. Nevertheless, there is the claim that there are a number of observations that are unique, deviating from the norm, never discussed and considered in this way – and yet are convincing. Of course you would never join. Out of vanity and out of the conviction that this has either already been discussed, has already been thought through – or must be wrong.

The author would at least have this advantage, at least for the “ordinary” fan or even just for viewers, that he is, due to his job, obliged to be objectivity. Nevertheless, there is undoubtedly no proof that it is actually worth taking a closer look. Either way, you couldn’t avoid trying in individual cases at least what you encounter here. Of course, you would have the opportunity to put your certainly divergent views up for discussion here as well. Just to cite a controversially discussed example, which corresponds to one of the author’s theses: more goals are good for football. And: there are very simple ways to do this without any rule modifications. Contradiction? Secure! “I see it totally differently, because in football …”

In the future, this category will contain articles about football and all its facets.