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  • 7.2.2021 Jetzt ganz neu. Im Tabellen und Rankings Paket für 10 EUR sind jetzt auch Daten für die Basketball NBA dabei.

What do you get for your money?

  • The fair odds for the markets initially selected here
  • The fair odds are the reciprocal of probabilities
  • Probability calculations are the basis for all numbers
  • The fair odds offered here are based on the settings in the current version of betmaster
  • These go back to the many years of experience of the author and user of the program
  • But at the same time they contain the knowledge: one cannot be very familiar with everything
  • That means: the values are to be used with caution
  • It is currently these leagues for which the data is recorded:

Germany, first Bundesliga
Germany, second Bundesliga
Germany, third Bundesliga
England, Premier League
England, Championship
England, League One
Scotland, Premiership
Austria, Bundesliga
Switzerland, super league
France, Ligue 1
Netherlands, Eredivsie
Belgium, First Division A
Italy, Serie A
Spain, La Liga
Portugal, Liga NOS
France, Ligue 2
Spain, Segunda
Denmark, Superligaen
Sweden, Allsvenskan
Norway, Eliteserie
Germany, all regional leagues


  • Of course, you don’t know your way around all the leagues, let alone see pictures
  • The better leagues are those that can be seen live, on Sky or DAZN
  • There are also two calculation systems, the old and the new
  • The new one is mainly based on game statistics, while the old one is mainly based on results
  • The values are provided here for comparison
  • This is done in the “StatsRealExp” file
  • There you can find the calculated goal expectations from the old and the new system
  • One can at least compare whether the new system would support a possible bet or would rather advise against it
  • Of course, this applies to both pages and goallines
  • The “Fairxxx” file contains the calculated values of the old system
  • Especially for markets 1 — X — 2 as well as the result bets (the numbers for this can be found further down in the columns with the corresponding headings)
  • The odds for half-time / full-time bets are available, but not entirely reliable
  • The reason for this is as follows: the function used cannot use the tie factor for the individual halves
  • So to enjoy these values with a little more caution (even if often close to the market)
  • This restriction does NOT apply to result bets
  • In the file “AsianHCxxx” you can find the odds for the closest Asian handicaps on the games, which in almost all cases include the main lines offered
  • In the file “AsianGoallinesxxx” you can find the corresponding numbers for the over / under bets; Here, too, the common lines can practically always be found
  • In the file “Bttsxx” you can find the numbers for “both sides score a goal” or “at least one of the two sides does not score a goal”; Btts because of “both teams to score”

Small note:

  • The figures for all leagues are based on the attitudes of the person primarily responsible for the betmaster
  • They make no claim to “exactness” – which is impossible to achieve here one way or another, especially in the area of probabilities
  • But this is also the positive news: as soon as the betmaster is available to you / everyone, you can optimize it significantly with your own settings
  • Every user is faced with the exciting challenge: record / accompany / set / calculate many leagues or limit yourself to a few that you are particularly familiar with?
  • Many leagues = many games = many bets = many opportunities to win – but also a little more to lose ?!

What are the tables and rankings?

If you want more information, you can secure it here. The rankings of the leagues that run with the old and new calculation system will be available there on a regular basis. These rankings are the calculation basis for the new system. It also contains the overall statistics of all teams in terms of total shots, shots on goal, corners, crosses, ball possession and tackle values. At the same time, the home ranking is included, which is sorted according to the size of the home advantage. So whoever is at the front there is only a force in home games – away they become mice. The rankings are not yet perfectly worked out, but in this respect even offer all the possibilities to play with them a little and to create different rankings for yourself. For example, you could create a ranking after ONLY shots on goal or after corner kicks. Or one just for possession in home games. Who would be ahead? The “Stored Ranking” is the one according to which the numbers for the next game are essentially calculated. The event parameters can also be found or generated yourself: how many flanks or corners are there on average per game? Furthermore, after each section (the week is divided into a and b; a is the middle of the week with the games from Tuesday to Thursday, b is Friday to Monday), the statistics are offered in the StatsRealExp. There you can see who played well and won this time, who played well and lost and so on. You can even get an idea of your own tips here: were they good or bad? The additional amount is definitely worth it. You just have to know how to deal with the information or learn to do so.